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Annual Check-Up & Maintenance For All Your Air Ducts, Dryer Vents, Furnace, Attic & Crawl space

Package DetailsSMART GOLD ™ - Complete Care - Annual Check-up & Maintenance

Annual Air Duct, Dryer Vent, Furnace, Attic & Crawl Space Cleaning and Maintenance Service Starts @ $699

Package DetailsSMART GOLD ™ - Complete Care - Annual Check-up & Maintenance

Annual Air Duct, Dryer Vent, Furnace, Attic & Crawl Space Cleaning and Maintenance Service Starts @ $699

When you want the very best for your home and your family, choose our Smart Gold package. We’ll service and provide yearly maintenance for your dryer vents, duct system, crawl space, and attic along with your furnace. Our all-inclusive package can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in repair costs. As a faithful customer, you get our best pricing, 20% off all additional services your technician suggests, plus priority scheduling, especially in the case of emergency or repair. And by hiring an experienced local contractor, like Envirosmart Solution, you can feel confident you made the right choice.

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    SMART GOLD ™ PackageAnnual Check-up & Maintenance Service for $699

    SMART GOLD ™ PackageAnnual Check-up & Maintenance Service for $699

    As a homeowner, ongoing maintenance is a big job. And with so many chores and projects, it’s easy to let some things go. That is, until there’s a problem. The team at Envirosmart Solution offers affordable service plans to keep your home safe, comfortable, and energy-efficient. Rather than calling an unknown company when you have a problem, have us do your ongoing maintenance to avoid the problems in the first place. From the top of your attic and under your crawl space to your furnace and the inside your dryer and air vents, we’ll make sure everything is in good repair and working correctly. For our ongoing premium customers, we offer discounts and attractive pricing, priority response, and, most importantly – peace-of-mind


    • All DRYER SMART ™ package benefits.
    • All SMART DUCTS ™ package benefits.
    • All CRAWL SPACE & ATTIC CARE ™ package benefits.
    • All FURNACE CARE ™ package benefits.
    • 20% off all extra services offered.
    • Premium fast response service in case of emergency & repair.
    • Residential only.
    The cost-saving SMART GOLD ™  package includes all of the services of the annual packages together.
    • Plus 20% off all extra services offered by our trained technician.
    • Premium fast response service in case of emergency & repair.
    • No diagnosis fee for technician visit in case of a malfunction or furnace. (Excluding parts and work in case of repair).

    Here’s a brief overview of what you’ll receive:

    Dryer Vent Cleaning

    • Yearly dryer vent cleaning with a snake brush.
    • Dryer duct inspection system to make sure it’s clean, connected, and venting properly.

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    Air Duct Cleaning

    • Deep cleaning the first year to remove excess build-up. After that, basic cleaning and maintenance, including checking to make sure everything is venting correctly.
    • A camera inspection of your ducts system to ensure there’s no mold, damage, or excess build-up.
    • “Benefect” is a natural disinfectant and odor removal product that we use to get rid of any less than desirable smells in your vents. It’s a FREE service for our outgoing customers.

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    Crawl Space & Attic Annual Inspection

    • Checking the condition of your attic & crawl space.
    • Insulation & air gap check-up.
    • Check for any pipe or duct leaks.

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    Furnace Annual Inspection & Service

    • Heat exchanger area cleaning.
    • Burners check and cleaning done.
    • Sensors check-up and cleanings complete.
    • Heat level production check.
    • Furnace status report.

    See package

    So, as you can see, this is quite a complete maintenance package. And for only $699 per year, you could save hundreds, even thousands of dollars by avoiding unneeded repairs caused by neglect.  Plus, you’ll rest easy knowing your family’s health and safety are more protected.


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      Benefits of Clean Air Ducts, Dryer Ducts & Vents

      Whether you need air duct installation and replacement; air vent installation, air vent sealing, and vent adjustment; or just routine maintenance and repair we can help. There are many benefits of having clean air ducts, vents, registers, and dryer ducts that don’t have leaks. Here are the best ones:

      • Health – you’re not breathing dust, dander, animal fur, and contaminants continually. Plus, knowing the vents and registers are clean is especially essential if you’ve moved into a new home or are selling your home.
      • Protect Your HVAC – keeping your furnace ducts and vents clean, sealed, and rust-free will help keep your HVAC running better longer and at peak efficiency.
      • No Dryer Fires – did you know your dryer can catch on fire if your vent has built up lint? Protect yourself, your family, and your home with yearly cleanings or dryer vent replacement and new installation
      • Energy Savings – with clean air vents, registers, and dryer vents, your home heating, and air will work more efficiently and so will your dryer. Besides saving on energy costs, your clothes will probably dry quicker too.
      • Property Value – when you get ready to sell your home, being able to show it’s been properly maintained will help it sell.
      How Annual Cleanings Protect Your Furnace From Failure

      Just like spring cleaning for your house, every two or three years, your furnace needs a spring cleaning. We’ll pull it apart and clean everything of build-up debris, scale, and rust, especially from burners and heat exchangers. That will help maintain the efficiency of your system and make it last longer. When your furnace is dirty inside, it has to work harder, so it’s less efficient. That means more heat gets blown up the flue rather than into your home.

      Here’s More of  What’s on a Complete Maintenance

      • Do a complete check for carbon monoxide leaks
      • Make sure there are no gas leaks
      • Measure any temperature and voltage differences
      • Ensure the amperage draw is in-line
      • Double-check that all electrical connections are tight
      • Test the limit switch on the fan to make sure it’s working
      • Ensure all heating systems and service problems are handled

      Without proper filtration and yearly inspection, a neglected furnace system can have a shorter life. Plus, if it’s not working correctly, it can wear itself out quickly, stop working, or even worse, pump carbon monoxide into your home. Regularly scheduled maintenance makes your furnace run better. Plus, it’s more efficient and will last longer. If a breakdown does happen, the technicians at Envirosmart Solution can handle your problems quickly and cost-effectively.

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      Benefits of Attic & Crawl Space Clean-Up
      In the Pacific Northwest, especially, there are so many reasons to have your crawl space and attic inspected regularly, and cleaned when needed. Here are some of the top benefits to our attic & crawl space clean-up services.
      • Health – If your family has allergies or asthma, it is essential to have your home free from airborne contaminants. Plus, you won’t be exposed to diseases like Hantavirus.
      • Reduce Mold & Mildew – when your crawl space has less moisture, then mold and mildew has a harder time growing.
      • Future Expenses – by having your attic and crawlspace cleaned up and decontaminated, you will save money and reduce or eliminate substantial expenses later, including health costs.
      • Energy Savings – having new insulation installed will lower your utility bills for both heating and cooling.
      • Property Value – by making sure your home is clean and sanitary; you will be preserving your most significant asset.
      • More Space – when your crawlspace is clean and free of debris, you’ll be able to use it for storage.
      The Most Important Places & Elements to Insulate Well

      Annual packages to save you money and give you peace of mind.

      Check out our Smart annual maintenance packages for: Air Duct & Dryer Cleaning, Attic & Crawl Space Cleanup, Insulation Removal & Installation, Furnace & AC Services

      Serving: Seattle, Bellevue, Renton, Issaquah, Tacoma, Bremerton, Everett & the surrounding areas.

      Your Comfort is Our #1 Priority

      Our team is reliable, efficient, courteous and professional and will serve you faithfully
      All of our licenses are up to date and we always work by codes and standards.
      We make sure our customers are always happy and happy with the service they receive.
      We will arrive at your convenience and whenever you need us.

      We are experts in all crawlspace, attic & HVAC needs serving the Puget Sound area

      Air Duct & Dryer Cleaning, Insulation, Furnace & AC Services is our specialty! Serving: Seattle, Bellevue, Renton, Issaquah, Tacoma, Bremerton, Everett and more.

      We are experts in all crawlspace, attic & HVAC needs serving the Puget Sound area

      Air Duct & Dryer Cleaning, Insulation, Furnace & AC Services is our specialty! Serving: Seattle, Bellevue, Renton, Issaquah, Tacoma, Bremerton, Everett and more.