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Crawl space clean up, Rodent proofing & Insulation Replacement

Kent, WA 98032


Multi-service project in a 1,500 SQ.FT Crawl space.

Crawl space cleaning and Rodent proofing with insulation replacement and air duct replacement in Kent, WA 98032


Crawl space clean up:

Clean out crawl space area and remove old vapor barrier and debris.

Rodent proofing:

Seal air gaps & visible rodent entrances, fix/replace damaged ventilation screens.

Sanitize + Deodorize:

Sanitize + Deodorize crawl space area from germs, bacteria and bad odors.

Insulation Replacement:

Remove & Dispose old insulation. Install new insulation R-30 16” Batts with metal support.

Vapor barrier installation:

Install new vapor barrier on crawl space ground using 10mm black.

Air Duct Replacement

Replace damaged air duct with a new flexible R-8 insulated air duct.

10 air ducts 6”

2 air ducts 8”

1 air duct 10”


“We could not be more positive about our experience with Envirosmart. Nathan and his crew were pleasant, thorough and very professional in their completion of this very complex project. They were very efficient and we are more than satisfied with the results. We’d recommend them to anyone.”

Tom E.


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Kent, WA 98032
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