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The experts at Envirosmart Solution have been working with Puget Sound real estate, insurance, and home inspection companies, as well as property buyers and sellers since 2004. It’s our professionalism, dependability, and high-quality service standards that make us a top trusted partner. As a licensed and insured contractor, the vendors we work with know they can trust us to do a superior job from inspections to servicing.

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Our vendors know they will receive fast and courteous communication, plus a direct line and priority for the availability of our technicians.

We provide top-notch VIP service, consistent availability, responsiveness, and of course, integrity. Whether you use our services directly, or refer us to one of your clients, from fair prices to excellent service, you can be confident that we will do a superior job. And for our commercial accounts, we are open to discussing a commission model over a minimum number of jobs we do for you per year.

Property Management Companies

As a property manager, nothing is worse than having a rental with rodent problems. Not only will your current renters not be happy, but it will also be hard to keep the property leased. The team at Envirosmart helps you keep pests out of the attic, crawl space, and living area by finding their entry points and stopping them from coming in. Once any holes and gaps are closed up, we can remove the damaged insulation, debris, and contaminates. Property managers and companies know they can depend on us to inspect, sanitize, and rodent-proof thoroughly. Additionally, we offer air duct and dryer vent cleaning. The air duct cleaning service removes the caked-on contaminates inside the air ducts. By ridding the ducts of dirt, mold, viruses, animal dander, and allergens that can cause health problems, the indoor air is cleaner, and contaminants aren’t recirculated 24/7. This service is especially important when putting a new renter in a unit because you never know if the last renter had pets and the new renter has severe allergies to pet dander. By going the extra mile to have the HVAC vents cleaned, you can feel confident the air your new tenants will be breathing is fresh and not contaminated. That way, you’re providing your renters with a clean and safe place to live. And don’t forget our furnace and HVAC services. Our trained technicians can install new systems, do repairs and maintenance. We keep the furnaces and HVAC in your rentals working efficiently. With regular service, your costs will be lower, you’ll have fewer emergency visits, and calls from tenants that the furnace isn’t working.

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Insurance Companies

We work with insurance companies who are dealing with claims for crawl space flooding, excessive rodent damage, contamination due to rodent infestation, and mold from moisture. Plus, our technicians are experts at handling properties with fire damage. And once we’re done with the restoration work, we can thoroughly clean the air duct system and remove contaminates and the residual smell of smoke. We use an organic product called “Benefect” in the air duct system which disinfects and removes odors safely. In addition, we offer complete furnace and HVAC replacement, repair, and service along with dryer vent repair, replacement, and cleaning to reduce the chance of dryer fires.

When working with our company, you’ll be impressed with our excellent communication, clear invoicing, and high-quality products and services. If you have a customer with a claim and you’re looking for a reliable service company, give us a call at


. We’re also available for yearly maintenance like dryer duct cleaning, which reduces fires. We offer all of the insurance companies and agents we work with VIP service.

Inspectors & Inspection Companies

Since Puget Sound is such a hot area for real estate, we work with and know many local home inspectors.

The feedback we get from them is how impressed they are with our work, especially when it comes to the attic and crawl space rodent proofing and clean up.

If you have a home inspection company and need a vendor you can count on, contact Envirosmart. And we, in turn, are happy to let clients looking for a good home inspector know about your services.

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Our Reviews

Chad Songy
Chad Songy
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The team was amazing and very helpful with the Duct cleaning, and just down to earth guys who helped me find solutions with our complex situation. I would a thousand times use Envirosmart again. Highly recommend.
Gayathri Shylesh
Gayathri Shylesh
Read More
Very responsive team. Dan and his team came back to address issues we had after a pest remediation and installing blow in insulation. Very grateful that they completed the work and repair within our required short timeline.
Mandy Robertson
Mandy Robertson
Read More
Brian and team were excellent. Could not recommend this company enough and the cost could not be beat for the incredible service. Will be calling them yearly to ensure my family stays safe and healthy.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your Attic & Crawl space project is a significant investment. We understand that making the best decision today is crucial to your long-term home comfort and safety.

Our team of attic & crawl space expert technicians have extensive experience in Insulation, radiant barriers, ventilation, mold, vapour barriers, water drainage systems, and many more repair and installation services for residential and commercial customers.

We are licensed, bonded, and insured. 

With our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, we promise to provide you with a quality service and with no headaches – just peace of mind when it comes down to making sure everything will run smoothly from start to finish.

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Property Buyers

Property Sellers

When it comes time to sell your home, you’ll start looking at it from the viewpoint of a buyer and get ready for inspections. Before a lender lends on a property, they want it inspected. You’ll be surprised at what they might uncover. To get your home ready to sell, it’s really smart to have a professional like Envirosmart Solution come out and inspect and clean up your crawl space and attic. They’ll make sure there aren’t holes or gaps that rats, mice, or other pests could gain access to your home. They’ll also make sure your insulation and vapor barrier is in good condition. That’s important when selling your property. Along with that, ask for a full HVAC inspection and have your air ducts cleaned.

Real Estate Agents

Selling a home quickly for a good price depends on inspections coming in favorably and how the property shows when buyers take a tour. The last thing you want is anything that would deter a buyer, such as signs of rodent infestation, odd or musty odors, unsanitary conditions in the crawl space or attic. Our attic and crawl space cleaning services will get homes ready for inspection. The professionals at Envirosmart Solution work closely with local Puget Sound agents to help them get their homes ready for inspection and properties sold. Additionally, we know how busy you are and we value your time. We’ve heard over and over how impressed local Realtors® are by our prompt arrival, efficient communication, and speedy service. We’re here to help you sell more homes faster.

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Property Buyers

If you’ve just purchased your home and are looking for a good maintenance company to keep your HVAC running, crawl space and attic clean and free of pests, mold, and mildew, call Envirosmart Solution at 206-295-5925. Ask us about our affordable Smart Packages, These plans will help keep your home energy-efficient and HVAC working in top shape so you’ll save money on utility bills. We’ll also check your attic and crawl space to ensure it’s clean and safe from pests, mold, and contaminants. And while we’re at it, we’ll clean your dryer vents and HVAC vents annually to remove dirt,  debris, and contaminants that would recirculate in the air you breathe. We’ll keep your home safe and energy-efficient from the top of your attic to under your home and in your crawl space. You might also consider UV lighting in your HVAC to keep your home sanitary and fight off viruses.

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