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FURNACE CARE ™ - Annual Furnace Cleaning and Maintenance Service

Taking care of your furnace on a regular schedule with our annual furnace maintenance can save you lots of time and money. Plus, you’ll keep your home and family warm and comfortable. As a loyal customer, you receive excellent prices, special discounts, and priority scheduling.

Plus, when you hire a local licensed HVAC & furnace cleaning and inspection contractor with excellent reviews like Envirosmart Solution, you can feel confident you made the right choice. Our qualified and certified technicians can repair and maintain most makes and models of furnaces, HVAC systems, heat pumps, and air conditioning, so we’ll have you up and running in no time.

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Annual Furnace Service Package - Furnace Inspection and Cleaning

The trained and certified specialists from our HVAC company can maintain and fix most makes and models of furnaces, heat pumps, and air conditioning. With us, you can have your furnace cleaned and maintained from inside to outside.

Yearly Furnace Inspections Include:
  1. Check for gas and any carbon monoxide leaks using a certified detector.
  2. Lubricate the blower motor.
  3. Test the fan limit switch.
  4. Check the blower wheel for buildup and trueness.
  5. Clean every air filter and check the airflow.
  6. Check the exhaust flue for any obstructions or rust.
  7. Make sure all electrical connections are tight.
  8. Measure all the voltage differences.
  9. Check the flame baffle; make sure it’s working correctly.
  10. Measure the amperage draw.
  11. Measure the temperature differences.
  12. Check and adjust all burners.
  13. Check for heat exchanger deformities.
  14. Resurface flame sensors and thermocouples.
  15. Calibrate and adjust the thermostat.
  16. Check combustion air.
  17. Measure the gas input.

Recommend any needed furnace repairs or services.

Complete Furnace Cleaning

Every 2-3 years, your furnace needs to be taken apart and thoroughly cleaned. That’s because motors and blowers get a lot of debris buildup.

Both heat exchangers and burners build up scale and harmful rust. We clean that out to maintain high energy efficiency and keep your furnace lasting longer.

With our powerful cleaning equipment, we can get your furnace almost as good as new. A thorough furnace service and cleaning will result in more heat going into your house instead of up the flue.

  • Ongoing furnace maintenance helps prevent costly failures.
  • Without an annual check-up and proper filtration, a heating system will wear itself out quickly and stop working. It can also pump deadly carbon monoxide (CO) into your home.
  • If your furnace breaks down, customers with an HVAC service plan have the highest priority.
  • Plus, we offer ongoing client discounts.
  • Since we carry most furnace parts in our vans, we’ll do the repairs quickly, no matter if you have an issue with your furnace filter, heat exchanger, combustion chamber, or another element.
  • Save money and also extend the life of your heater with annual maintenance. That way, small repairs don’t go unnoticed and become costly. Plus, you’ll get the most out of your HVAC system because furnace maintenance plans also aim at increasing its efficiency.
  • Our highly-trained Seattle HVAC technician can inspect your entire system and let you know what areas require attention.

Routine checks and maintenance help you plan for future repairs. You’ll also have a better idea of when you’ll need a heater replacement. For example, after every inspection, our HVAC technician will tell you what they find. They’ll let you know if any parts are showing too much wear.

Our Reviews

Bekah Young
Bekah Young
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We had our vents cleaned with Envirosmart Solutions and Eric did such amazing job! . I would highly recommend anyone looking for vent cleaning to have Envirosmart Solutions come take a look
Erika Diama
Erika Diama
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Got my vents cleaned by Charles and Sean and both of them did a great job. They were professional and very knowledgeable.
Derek Smithwick
Derek Smithwick
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Highly recommend. They were on time, friendly, courteous, and efficient. They also checked the furnace and said it could wait until next time and didn’t try to hard sell me on additional services
Joey J
Joey J
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We submitted a request through Yelp for quotes on a furnace service. They responded quickly, and had someone out to service the furnace in just a few days

How Annual Furnace Service and Cleaning Protects You from HVAC Failures

Just like spring cleaning for your house, every two or three years, your furnace needs a spring cleaning. We’ll pull it apart and clean everything of build-up debris, scale, and rust, especially from every burner and heat exchanger.

That will help maintain the efficiency of your HVAC system and make it last longer. When your furnace is dirty inside, it has to work harder, so it’s less efficient. That means more heat gets blown up the flue rather than into your home.

What’s on a Complete Furnace Maintenance:

  • Do a complete check for CO leaks.
  • Make sure there are no gas leaks.
  • Measure any temperature and voltage differences.
  • Ensure the amperage draw is in-line.
  • Double-check that all electrical connections are tight.
  • Test the limit switch on the fan to make sure it’s working.
  • Ensure all heating systems and service problems are handled.

Without proper filtration and yearly inspection, a neglected furnace system can have a shorter life. Plus, if it’s not working correctly, it can wear itself out quickly, stop working, or, even worse, pump CO into your home.

Regularly scheduled furnace maintenance makes your system run better. Plus, it’s more efficient and will last longer. If a breakdown does happen, the technicians at Envirosmart Solution can handle your problems quickly and cost-effectively.

Furnace Premium service SEATTLE

Here are a few more reasons why you should invest in regular furnace maintenance:

Reduce risk and keep your home safe – Many homeowners in Seattle have gas heaters. By checking and maintaining them annually, you’ll make sure there aren’t any dangerous gas leaks.

Make your heater last longer – The average heater lasts around 10 to 15 years. But if you take care of your system, it can last much longer.

Avoid unnecessary repairs – If you don’t have a professional check your heating system, you won’t realize something is wrong until it requires expensive repairs. With regular maintenance, your heater will work better, last longer, and you’ll avoid any unnecessary repairs.

Save energy and money – If something is wrong with your heater, the rest of the unit has to work harder to perform the same results. That wastes energy and causes your utility bill to go up. Regular heater maintenance can help you avoid this.

Are There Any HVAC Companies Offering Furnace Inspection and Cleaning Near Me?

In the winter, we get some pretty chilly cold-spells. If your furnace stops working, give us a call. We’ll schedule coming out right away and diagnose what’s wrong. When you’re without heat – we work quickly to get your home warm and just the way you like it.

However, it’s best to avoid sudden failures and call our HVAC professional on a regular basis to check your air filter, blower motor, flame sensor, air ducts, and all the other important elements before the heating season starts. It will improve your indoor air quality and allow you to save money.

DIY furnace maintenance may not be as efficient as the one conducted by an HVAC professional, so it’s best for you to contact a licensed HVAC company like Envirosmart Solution.

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