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What is a radiant barrier, how does it work, and do you need it for your home? Studies have shown that a radiant barrier (also known as reflective insulation) can help to save up to 180 kWh of energy per year. (Source)

When you’re searching for radiant barrier attic installation, repair, and replacement, look no further than the local professionals at Envirosmart Solution. Radiant barriers work by reducing radiant heat gain in your attic space, helping to maintain a more efficient home in terms of energy.

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What is a Radiant Barrier?

If you need a more detailed and technical explanation, feel free to get in touch with our experts for a quick chat. That aside, let’s take a quick look at the basics of this attic insulation extra. 

So what is a radiant barrier?

Reflective insulation is a highly reflective material that blocks heat radiation to an object from becoming energized by UV rays and radiating its own heat. They are installed in homes during the summer, usually in the attic, to reduce heat gain and help in minimizing cooling costs as a supplement to attic insulation. Instead of absorbing heat, reflective insulation reflects the heat away from the surface.

According to the Department of Energy, reflective insulation should have a high reflectance of at least 90% and 10% emittance or less.

How does reflective insulation work?

Here’s how they work. Have you ever cooked with an iron skillet? The handle eventually gets hot. That’s because heat flows towards colder areas. In warm weather, if your home’s interior is 68 degrees and it’s 85 degrees outside, heat is attracted to the cooler temperature inside. The sun heats your roof and attic. The hot air travels from your attic into your comfortable home – and heats it up. That’s unless you have a reflective insulation working alongside your attic insulation.

radiant barrier insulation usually pays for itself in a few years

One advantage of reflective insulation over regular insulation is that they don’t get affected by humidity. Reflective insulation will perform consistently no matter how humid the seasonal climate is.

There are different types of radiant barriers. The main component is a reflective material, typically foil insulation. The foil is on one or two sides of the base material (cardboard, paper, plastic film). Some barrier products use reinforced-fiber for more durability.

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Your Attic & Crawl space project is a significant investment. We understand that making the best decision today is crucial to your long-term home comfort and safety.

Our team of attic & crawl space expert technicians have extensive experience in Insulation, radiant barriers, ventilation, mold, vapour barriers, water drainage systems, and many more repair and installation services for residential and commercial customers.

We are licensed, bonded, and insured. 

With our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, we promise to provide you with a quality service and with no headaches – just peace of mind when it comes down to making sure everything will run smoothly from start to finish.

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Radiant barrier insulation helps keep your air ducts from heating up or cooling down

How Reflective Insulation Can Save You Money

Reflective insulation consists of thin sheets of reflective materials. In the winter, it works to keep heat in your home by preventing heat loss through your roof. And in the summer, it keeps the heat from entering your attic through the rooftop and making your home hot. We provide it over your attic insulation to make it more energy-efficient. So, you can consider it super roofing insulation that will save you money on your utility bills and also keep your home at a more comfortable and consistent temperature. Radiant barrier foil insulation works alongside existing insulation to enhance the overall performance and contribute to a cooler attic and less hostile environment for your air ducts and other systems in the attic.

Why Your Home Needs a Radiant Barrier

  • Since heat flow moves from hot areas towards cold areas, reflective insulation sheathing prevents unwanted heat transfer from your warm interior to a cold attic during Puget Sound’s cold winter months.
  • When your attic is cooler in summer with a radiant barrier, your HVAC doesn’t have to work as hard. Your monthly energy bills will be lower and your home more comfortable.
  • It’s an easy and affordable solution for lower heating bills because of a more efficient insulation. Plus, you’ll notice the temperature of your home is more constant. Radiant barrier attic foil works effectively with existing attic insulation to maintain a cooler attic and reduce heat flow, ensuring a more energy efficient home and energy consumption reduction.

That’s simple; you find a local licensed insulation contractor like Envirosmart Solution that provides the services you need, such as installing radiant barriers and install attic insulation, and has excellent reviews.

The radiant barrier creates a cooler attic which helps reduce cooling costs. There are also some comfort improvements. Overall, when installed properly radiant barriers can provide reduced energy costs and cooler attics. The sheathing products are pretty cost effective because they add little additional cost.

A cooler attic space means less heat moving to the cooler space below the attic. The hotter it gets the better radiant barriers work

Radiant barriers need an air space in front of them. If they’re sandwiched between two pieces of insulation or siding, they become conductors and will actively be working against your insulation. Second, a radiant barrier is only effective if it is reflective

If you still have questions on how a radiant barrier works, we would be glad to answer them. Reach out to us.

In general, installing a radiant barrier in your attic (or on your roof) will not affect your cell phone’s signal, usually installing a radiant barrier does not cause any problems with cell phone reception.

Studies show that radiant barriers can reduce cooling costs 5% to 10%.
Works to keep warm air in during the winter and solar radiant heat out during the summer. Prevents up to 97% of solar radiation.

Our team of Insulation & Radiant Barrier Foil experts in Puget Sound are reliable, arrive on time and do what they promise. We’re efficient, so we get the job done quickly. Plus, our staff is super courteous and professional, so you’ll enjoy working with us and trust us with your home.

We are licensed, insured, and stay up-to-date on all local codes and standards, ensuring the best possible attic insulation for your home.

When Is It Time For Repair & Replacement?

If you're noticing poor attic ventilation and moisture problems, your old reflective insulation might be the source and need replacement. That's what happens with improper installation. With excess moisture comes rot and mold, which can lead to problems for the structure of your home and the health of your family.

Sometimes, it isn’t the fault of the reflective insulation (again, also known as radiant barrier). Instead, the roof has poor ventilation. We can come out to your house, do an inspection, and let you know where the excess moisture problem is coming from and give you a solution.

Here’s a quick check you can do yourself to see if the barrier is applied where it’s supposed to be:

  • Correct – Radiant barrier installed on top of the decking or roof trusses.
  • Incorrect – Radiant barrier laying on top of the fiberglass insulation on the attic floor.

How Does Reflective Insulation Work?

Reflective insulation is designed to BLOCK (reflect) radiant heat and radiant energy unlike traditional insulations that are designed to slow it down by absorbing radiant heat.  A radiant barrier can also REDUCE heat transfer caused by convection by blocking convective air flow.

Our Reviews

Kevin Ibanez
Kevin Ibanez
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Great crew that did my crawlspace. Everything I asked were done. They have a couple of guys who really seem to take a lot of pride in what they do which is cool to see.
Raquel Flournoy
Raquel Flournoy
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They did a fabulous work cleaning out a crawl space/installing insulation/installing new dryer vent piping/rodent entry mitigation.
Dan M.
Dan M.
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Extremely happy and satisfied with all aspects of having Envirosmart Solutions helping us clean up both our attic and crawl space. They also rewrapped all ducting and sealed them, along with new insulation

What Are The Best Radiant Barrier Installation Methods?

For effectiveness, a radiant barrier requires correct installation by professionals like the team at Envirosmart Solution. Installation isn’t a DIY type job and can be ineffective and dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. 

For example, the material does conduct electricity, so you have to be careful you don’t get shocked or worse. If you’re building a new home, call us during the construction process. We’re happy to do your roof rafters insulation installation. For existing homes, we never install a barrier over the top of the existing insulation on your attic floor because it can trap moisture, which is already a problem in our area.

The most effective installation method is connecting the radiant barrier to the underneath side of the roof. That way, heat reflects and doesn’t enter the attic. Your attic will stay cooler and have proper ventilation.

We understand how a radiant barrier works, and our team of experts will install radiant barrier for maximum effectiveness.

Your radiant barrier foil project is a significant investment. We understand that making the best decision today is crucial to your long-term home comfort and safety.

Our team of attic & crawl space expert technicians has extensive experience in attic insulation, reflective insulation, ventilation, mold, vapor barriers, water drainage systems, and many more repair and installation services for residential and commercial customers, ensuring thermal insulation and energy efficiency in hot climates.

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