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We’re looking for people who want to join the best Attic, Crawl Space & HVAC teams and grow together with the most promising home energy efficiency company. We want you to work hard, deliver top-notch customer service and we promise to reward you fairly for your efforts. And of course cultivate your career and professional knowledge.

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Hello from the owners and team at Envirosmart Solution. We are a company of experts offering Attic, Crawl Space & HVAC solutions.

We provide top-notch VIP service, consistent availability, responsiveness, and of course, integrity.

We started our company with the purpose of providing our customers with the best service they had ever experienced. Our goal isn’t to sell them the most or make the most money from each customer. No, our goal is to be their trusted and long term service provider.

All of our employees receive ongoing training in the most up-to-date methods and technology for the attic, crawl space, and HVAC industry.

We’re a hard-working local family-owned business. We live and work in the Seattle Are

Open Positions

If you think you are a good fit for the job, feel free to apply for any of the job opportunities currently offered below.
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Insulation installer / Crawl space & Attic Crew Lead - Seattle, WA

What You’ll Be Doing
  • Riding out to a job site (house) with your team..
  • Putting on coveralls and a mask, and diving under houses into the crawlspace or going up into the attic.
  • Cleaning out anything and everything you find there, from debris to rodent feces, etc.
  • Repair damaged air vent screens
  • Complete Attic & Crawl space sanitation and deodorization.
  • Removing damaged insulation and installing new insulation.
  • install radiant barriers
  • Air sealing ducts and sealing other areas around the house.
  • On-the-Job Training to Motivated Candidates
  • Make no mistake, this is HARD WORK. Hours can be long. conditions are dirty. You’ll be working in confined spaces. You’ll be crawling around dealing with spiders, rats, rodent feces, smelly, dirty insulation and much more.
Puget Sound Attic & Crawl Space Services Envirosmart solution

HVAC Technician - Seattle, WA

We are currently seeking a skilled HVAC Technician with experience in the residential & light commercial HVAC and Refrigeration industry.

What You’ll Be Doing
  • Installs, services and repairs environmental‑control systems in residences, laboratory spaces, living quarters, galleys, office buildings and commercial establishments, utilizing knowledge of refrigeration theory, pipefitting and structural layout.
  • Mounts compressor and condenser units on platform or floor, using hand tools, following blueprints or engineering specifications.
  • Fabricates, assembles and installs ductwork and chassis parts, using portable metalworking tools and welding equipment.
  • Installs evaporator unit in chassis or in airduct system, using hand tools.
  • Cuts and bends tubing to correct length and shape, using cutting and bending equipment and tools.
  • Cuts and threads pipes, using machine‑threading or hand‑threading equipment.
  • Joins tubing or pipes to various refrigerating units by means of sleeves, couplings or unions, and solders joints, using torch, forming complete circuit for refrigerant.
  • Installs expansion and discharge valves in circuit.
  • Connects motors, compressors, temperature control panels and connects control panels to power source.
  • Installs air filters in completed installation.
  • Injects small amount of refrigerant into compressor to test systems and adds refrigerant gas to build up prescribed operating pressure.
  • Observes pressure and vacuum gauges and adjusts controls to insure proper operation.
  • Starts units and adjusts for proper cut-in and cut-out of refrigeration, air conditioning, humidifiers, heaters, air cleaners, and circulating pumps.
  • Adjusts systems for optimum performance.
  • Operates, maintains, troubleshoots, and repairs refrigeration, air conditioning.
  • Tests joints and connections for Freon leaks, using gauges or electronic detection.
  • Wraps pipes in insulation batting and secures them in place with cement or wire bands.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.
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Man studying with coffee - EnviroSmart Solution

Customer Service Receptionist

We are looking for a full-time dedicated customer service professional to assist our growing team. Please apply if you are someone who can be proficient with communicating over the phone in a warm, friendly, accurate, and confident way with our customers, prospective clients, other staff members, referral partners, and contractors. We are looking for the right person who can handle a fast-paced environment and prioritize effectively. What You’ll Be Doing
  • Reply to customers via email, phone, platforms and more.
  • Reply to supplier emails.
  • Answer incoming calls.
  • Contact companies and suppliers on demand.
  • Filling out and signing forms and documents.
  • Filing, Signing, Collecting and Organizing Digital forms Documents (Google Drive).
  • Managing the team schedule.
  • Schedule and confirm meetings with clients.
  • Remind salespeople and staff on tasks.
  • Support and organize communication between clients and team managers before and after projects.
  • Managing and organizing the customer base and projects using CRM.
  • Collecting customer reviews.
  • Assisting others in several areas within the company.
  • Social media posting using special tool.
  • Other office tasks.

We are looking for The Best!

Our team is reliable, efficient, courteous and professionals


We arrive on time, fulfill our duty to the end and take responsibility for our part of the job

Team Work

We work better together, We are looking for teammates not just employees.


Professionalism is the name of the game

Our Reviews

Kevin Ibanez
Kevin Ibanez
Read More
Great crew that did my crawlspace. Everything I asked were done. They have a couple of guys who really seem to take a lot of pride in what they do which is cool to see.
Sean McManus
Sean McManus
Read More
Extremely happy and satisfied with all aspects of having Envirosmart Solutions helping us clean up both our attic and crawl space. They also rewrapped all ducting and sealed them, along with new insulation.
Raquel Flournoy
Raquel Flournoy
Read More
They did a fabulous work cleaning out a crawl space/installing insulation/installing new dryer vent piping/rodent entry mitigation.

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