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Get yourself a comfortable and cozy home with a smart ductless air conditioning system

Are you looking at new cooling options for your home or office? The professionals at Envirosmart Solution can help you find the right ductless air conditioner system for your needs. Your ductless system is a significant investment. We understand that making the best decision today is crucial to your long-term home comfort. Ductless air conditioning systems is our specialty.

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Heating & Air Conditioning Mitsubishi Electric Ductless Mini Splits Installation & Service.

What is a Ductless Air Conditioning System?

Ductless air conditioning systems, also called ductless mini-splits or ductless ACs, provide zoned cooling and heating without requiring ductwork. A ductless system consists of an outdoor compressor/condenser and one or more indoor units mounted on walls or ceilings. These wall units deliver conditioned air directly into the room, eliminating duct losses.

A ductless mini-split system works similarly to other air conditioners but doesn’t require ductwork. Rather, it has an indoor and outdoor unit connected by a small refrigerant line. The indoor unit is mounted on the wall and delivers cold or hot air directly into the room.

Ductless mini split air conditioners are much easier to install than conventional systems requiring ductwork. This makes them a great option for homes without existing ductwork or home additions where running ductwork would be difficult.

There are several benefits of ductless mini-split systems over traditional ducted systems, including:

  • Increased energy efficiency: Ductless systems don’t have ductwork losses, so they tend to be more energy-efficient than central ducted systems.
  • Zoned cooling and heating: Ductless ACs provide zoned cooling and heating, so you can keep certain rooms or areas of your home at a different temperature than others.
  • Flexible installation: Ductless mini splits can be mounted on walls or ceilings, so they work well in homes without existing ductwork or where ductwork would be difficult to install.
  • Quiet operation: Ductless AC units are much quieter than ducted systems because the compressor is located outside.

Ductless mini-split systems are a great option if you’re looking for a more energy-efficient and flexible cooling and heating solution for your home. Contact the experts at Envirosmart Solution to find out if ductless is right for you.

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Single Zone System (1-Indoor Unit & 1-Outdoor)

A single unit is ideal for applications for individual rooms or enclosed spaces.

These include bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, home offices, basements, bonus rooms, and kitchens. These single zone systems also work well for commercial spaces such as offices, guardhouses, kiosks, and more. The capacity ranges from 4,500 to 36,000 Btu/h. Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • Complete individual zone/room control that gives you exceptional comfort.
  • The high-efficiency performance gives you maximum comfort. You’ll also have controlled capacity and power consumption to save on energy. 
  • The inverter-driven compressor and LEV provide you the highest efficiency and comfort. Yet, it only uses the energy needed to maintain maximum performance – again saving on energy. 
  • You’ll have a choice of fan speeds: quiet, low, medium, high, and super high. Plus, an auto fan speed control is also included for your convenience. 
  • The “smart set” feature allows you to pre-program your desired setting with a single button recall. And there’s a 50°F setting in heat mode that’s perfect when you’re away from home.
  • These systems have the most advanced microprocessor technology and controls. 
  • Systems are equipped with standard wireless, IR, and handheld. The remote controller can also be wireless on a central air system such as an air handler that will replace your current furnace. The system includes RFI-RedLINK™, full function, wall-mount, remote controller – MHK2, or wired full function wall-mount remote controller with bluetooth capability – TOUCH MA.
  • For your comfort, the systems have hot-start technology. That means there’s no cold air rushing out at the start-up or restart after a defrost. 
  • Your indoor unit will be powered by an outdoor unit using A-control.
  • There’s also an automatic restart following any power outage, which is terrific when you’re away from your home or business. 

Multi-Zone System (2-8 Indoor Units on 1 Outdoor)

If you have more than one room you want air-conditioned, you'll need the multi-zoned system.

With an MXZ-C multi-zone heat pump system, you can have up to 8 separate units with one outdoor system. And you can control each one individually. For example, someone cooking in the kitchen might want that room cooler than guests in the living room. Each room can be programmed for ultimate comfort. Check out these additional features and benefits:
  • Each zone has individual controls, so you’re comfortable in every room.
  • You can mix and match styles and combinations to meet your needs.
  • You’ll have a wide range of unit sizes to fit your room requirements. 
  • The designs are flexible to work with the most challenging floor plans and multi-room configurations.
  • These systems are fast and straightforward to install, so you save money
  • With the quick installation, you’ll have minimal distractions and downtime. 
These efficient systems are ENERGY STAR® compliant and have the highest SEER rating in the market.

Our Reviews

Diana H.
Diana H.
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They were amazing from Garrett Baquet’s visit for the estimate to the crews performance and work on-site to customer support from Tasha Taisi. A great experience, professional all around!!! Thank you!!
Denise R.
Denise R.
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I can’t recommend Envirosmart Solutions enough. We hired them to install a Mitsubishi Heat Pump and AC system in our home. They did an AMAZING job.
Cindy R
Cindy R
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Professional, quick & efficient– I would use them again and refer them to anyone I know in need of some HVAC work. I appreciate the straight forward, honest, no bullshit options for fixing my problem.
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System Maintenance & Warranty

Envirosmart Solution’s HVAC Services

As a locally owned family business in Puget Sound, we are proud to offer:

The professionals at Envirosmart Solution are experienced in installation for: 

  • New construction
  • Retrofit
  • Residential
  • Commercial

Because all of our technicians are licensed and have the most up-to-date training, we can guarantee that you’ll be delighted with our services. Our specialists have the skills to work on any air conditioning system or unit. 

And, as a family-owned company, we focus on customer service and 100% satisfaction for every job we do. 

If you’re considering a new system, we can help you choose the A/C & Heat Pump that’s best for your home or business. Plus, we’ll install it. You can have confidence that we’ll improve the comfort level of your home or business. Plus, you can look forward to lower monthly energy costs.

System Maintenance & Warranty

And, to protect you from surprise breakdowns and costly repairs, we provide a comprehensive maintenance package backed up by both parts & labor warranties.

Here’s what you get:

  • Trane or American Standard 10-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Mitsubishi provides 5, 7 or 10-year manufacturer’s warranty, but Envirosmart provides a 12-year warranty as a Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer
  • Up to 10-year labor warranty*
  • 1-year free maintenance with a new installation
  • *Note – the length of the warranty varies by system, contact us for warranty information.

Regular A/C & Heat Pump tune-ups along with safety checks will ensure your system is running efficiently throughout the year. Taking care of your system will save you money each month on your cooling and heating bills. A thorough maintenance plan by our certified and licensed technicians secures the longevity of your air conditioner and provides you peace of mind.

Envirosmart Solution is licensed, bonded and insured. Our technicians are trained and certified to fit and install all types of ventilation systems for residential and commercial buildings correctly. We back up our installations and service so you can be confident you’re protected in case of any issues. As top Puget Sound contractors, our reputation shows our excellent service. We’re here to provide ongoing service and maintenance to keep your ventilation system running its best.

Ductless Air Conditioning Installation in Puget Sound

We have the skills to do your job right the first time - no matter what brand, model, or type of air conditioner you would like installed.

      • Courteous & Professional Service
      • Expert Ductless Mini-Split AC & Heat Pump Installation
      • Single-Zone or Multi-Zone Systems
      • Space Saving Ceiling Recessed/ Cassette Systems
      • Attractive Wall Mounted Systems
      • Floor Mounted systems
      • Convenient Free-Standing Systems
      • Top-Quality Vertical / Horizontal Air Handlers
      • Many Brands & Options Available
      • Residential & Commercial Service
      • Heating & Cooling
      • Furnaces
      • Air Conditioning Units
      • Heat Pumps
      • Ductless Heating & Cooling
      When your HVAC systems are functioning at peak performance, everyone is comfortable – whether you’re at home or work. Plus, when the heating and air systems are well-maintained, you’ll avoid moisture and humidity problems and enjoy better air quality.

Once you select the best ductless system for your home or business, make sure to have a trained certified professional do the installation. That way, you can be confident it’s correctly installed and will operate at peak efficiency and last for years. Our trained professionals know how to:

  • Select the best location for the unit
  • Take care of the equipment to prevent damage
  • Ensure optimum heating and cooling 
  • Install the systems quickly

Since our technicians are highly trained, they understand the basics of heating and air. And they know how to install equipment properly. Don’t jeopardize your system by trying to install it yourself.

Your Ductless System Will Give You:

  • Consistent temperature
  • Comfort in any season
  • Energy-efficiency
  • Lower energy bills
  • Individual zone control
  • Custom options
  • Placement options

For a free consultation, call us today!

It depends on how much space you have. Blown insulation gives a more consistent type of insulation and requires a blowing machine.

We carefully measure the spaces between the joists and walls studs on the floor of the attic and lay the pieces down to fit nice and snug.

We service the greater Puget Sound area, including (but not limited to):

Arlington, Auburn, Arlington Heights, Bonney Lake, Carnation, Bremerton, Echo Lake, Edmonds, Everett, Kent, Lake Stevens, Lynnwood, Mill Creek, Mountlake Terrace, Tacoma, Olympia, Covington, Bellevue, Black Diamond, Bothell, Burien, Covington, Des Moines, Duvall, Eastgate, East Hill-Meridian, East Renton Highlands, Seattle, SeaTac, Clyde Hill, Cottage Lake

What's Best - Ducted or Ductless?

Enviro team

Did you know that a central A/C with ducting can lose more than 30% of energy? And if your ducts are in less than perfect condition, you're losing cool & warm air 24/7. A mini-split can be hung from the ceiling, attached to the wall, or mounted behind a drop ceiling. It can also stand on the floor. These ductless systems are quiet.

Additional advantages are: 

  • Compared to a window A/C & Central A/C, this cooling system is much quieter.
  • Since it’s ductless, ducts won’t be taking up space in your attic/ crawl space/ closets.
  • Your interior environment temperature will be consistent.
  • No contaminated outdoor air will circulate into your home such as wildfire smoke.
  • Using the units individually only where and when needed will save you a lot of money on energy bills.

The professionals at Envirosmart Solution are here to help you select the perfect system for your home or business. Once installed, we can maintain your system to ensure you have comfort for years to come. You’ll enjoy the ability to control the temperature in each room. Plus, your energy costs will go down. No matter what season, spring, summer, fall, or winter – your ductless system will keep you comfortable.

Where Does Your Utility Money Go?

Did you know that almost one-half of the energy used in your entire house goes to heating and cooling?

So, anything you can do to make your home or business more energy-efficient will lower your utility bills. That’s where the professionals at Envirosmart come in. Here’s an example of what a new system can do for you:

If your current utility costs are $4,200 per year, a new Mitsubishi mini-split unit could save you up to 40% off the energy cost and as much as $1,680 per year. That’s $16,800 over ten years. That’s quite a significant savings.

Are you wondering what is a ductless air conditioner? Well,  it’s an air conditioning system that does not require ductwork to distribute cool air throughout a home or building. Ductless AC systems are composed of an outdoor condenser unit and one or more indoor air handling units mounted on walls or ceilings. A ductless air conditioner is a great option for homes or buildings that do not have existing ductwork or for those who want to avoid the hassle and expense of installing ductwork.

An inverter is a component that allows the outdoor unit to vary its speed and output to match your selected interior temperature. An inverter maintains the interior’s temperature, operates quietly, increases efficiency up to 30% or more, and brings the room’s temperature to the desired level in about half the time.

Simply defined, ductless air conditioning systems (also known as mini-splits) link individual room units to an outdoor compressor. The indoor unit contains evaporator coils cooled with refrigerant. Warm air from the room blows over and is absorbed by the coils.

A heat pump is a mechanical-compression cycle refrigeration system that can be reversed to either heat or cool a controlled space. Think of a heat pump as a heat transporter constantly moving warm air from one place to another, to where it’s needed or not needed, depending on the season. Even in air that seems too cold, heat energy is present. When it’s cold outside, a heat pump extracts what outside heat is available and transfers it inside. When it’s warm outside, it reverses directions and acts like an air conditioner, removing heat from your home.

Are you wondering what is a ductless air conditioner? Well,  it’s an air conditioning system that does not require ductwork to distribute cool air throughout a home or building. Ductless AC systems are composed of an outdoor condenser unit and one or more indoor air handling units mounted on walls or ceilings. A ductless air conditioner is a great option for homes or buildings that do not have existing ductwork or for those who want to avoid the hassle and expense of installing ductwork.

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