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Attic Insulation Installation & Removal Cost Calculator

Estimate the total cost of your attic insulation installation project, including the cost of materials & labor.

Attic Insulation Cost Calculator

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Disclaimer: This calculator is based on very general assumptions and cannot be relied upon as an accurate price estimate, but rather as an aid for estimating the size of the project only. The cost estimate for the above services can only be determined following an on-site inspection.

About This Calculator

Attic insulation installation can be a major undertaking for homeowners.

Estimate the cost of your project by using our free tool that calculates using your property’s specific parameters so you can set the budget for your renovations accordingly. 

These estimates can vary from the actual cost of your project based on various factors. Call us to come to your location, and we will give you a detailed and personalized written quote for free.  

Some science goes into deciding the type of insulation you need, the materials required, and the specialists needed for the job. 

Keep reading to get more updated information about a project like this.

The true cost of your attic project depends on various factors that are unique to your property and needs, We offer FREE in-person detailed estimate tailored for your needs.

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How Does This Calculator Work?

Attic Insulation Cost Calculator Assumptions 

The attic insulation installation estimates generated by the tool are not a substitute for in-person quotes for projects. Various factors, such as access to the location, a requirement for electrical work, pest control, etc., influence the final cost of your project. 

We recommend you book an appointment with us or any professional attic service provider in your area to get an accurate quote before beginning your project.

The attic insulation installation tool above includes costs of:

Attic Insulation Labor, Basic Cost

  • Insulation purchase (based on the type of insulation material selected) and delivery 
  • Planning and area preparation 
  • Insulation installation 
  • Transport of specialty equipment, materials, and personnel required for the project 
  • Rental charges for regular equipment needed for attic jobs 
  • Waste disposal and cleanup
  • Materials needed to prep and protect the site for installation and add finishing touches (such as sealing tape, fasteners, plastic sheets, personal protective equipment, etc.)
The attic insulation installation tool above may include the following add-ons costs:
  • Old insulation removal and disposal (if selected)
    • Move loose fill/batt insulation into a container, dispose of it properly off site. Limited to 1ft of fiberglass, wool, or cellulose insulation. No coverage for asbestos insulation, extra precautions, steps, or costs. Price includes material and dumping fee.
  • Vapor barrier removal, fixation, or installation 
  • Annual attic insulation inspection by professional insulation expert
  • Attic mold removal and remediation services
    • Perform SAFE FOR ALL two stage mold remediation and prevention. A full 10 years warranty certificate Included.
  • Attic ventilation services 
  • Attic solar fan installation services 
    • Determine the right location for a fan and perform a professional installation of one solar fan (you might need more than one depending on your attic size).
  • Attic decontamination and pest removal services
    • Sanitize & Deodorize the entire space to eliminate any germs, bacteria, bad odors using our organic plant based formula.
The attic insulation installation tool above doesn’t include costs related to:
  • Changing or fixing the existing attic framework 
  • Electrical and plumbing work 
  • Modifying existing structures (electrical, HVAC, or plumbing) to bring them up to building code 
  • Testing for the presence of hazardous materials in your attic 
  • General contractor (optionally hired for supervising the project)
  • Permit fee for renovation work
  • Sales tax on materials and supplies.
How do I know if my attic needs insulation?

Excess moisture in your attic, overworking HVAC or higher-than-usual energy bills, and pest/rodent problems are common signs that indicate the need for attic insulation. If your attic is already insulated but still experiencing these symptoms, then you need to replace the current one or reinforce it with additional layers of new insulation.

Who should install attic insulation?

Homeowners with an attic should install insulation. Attics insulation helps reduce energy bills by up to 50% by preventing heat loss. It also improves home comfort, protects against allergens and contaminants, and reduces noise.

Are all attic insulations the same? How do I know which attic insulation to use?

No, all attic insulations aren’t the same. These come in different materials and types. You can insert it like a spray (spray foam or blown-in insulation) or install it in the form of panels (structural panels). Similarly, attic insulations are made of materials such as fiberglass, cellulose, and reflective insulation. The type you need depends on your code requirements defined as R-value (based on your environmental conditions and how cold it gets).

What’s the average cost of attic insulation in Washington?

Washington state requires insulation of at least R-38. In WA, attic insulation costs around $1 – $4 per square foot. So for a 1,100 to 1,500 square foot attic (common for homes here), you can expect the cost to be around $1,100 – $3,200 for the entire project if you don’t require any add-on services. 

We’ve done attic insulation installation jobs that cost as low as $800 and around $6000 for the entire project. The area to be covered (floor, roof, deck, rafters), the complexity of the job, ease of access, and materials affect the total cost.

Can I DIY my attic insulation?

Yes, attic insulation can be a DIY project if you just need to install the insulation. You can follow the instructions in the manual or look it up on YouTube. However, if there’s any damage to your attic’s structures due to water retention, mold, or pests, you’ll require professionals to fix the damage and install the insulation.

How long will my attic insulation installation project take?

Attic insulation can be installed in less than a day if you have properly planned it out and have all the required materials and equipment you need. It will take longer if more work is required, such as mold remediation, pest spray, or removal of old attic insulation.

What’s the average cost of attic insulation in Washington?

Yes, there are. We cover all of Puget Sound including the following cities: Arlington, Auburn, Belfair, Bellevue, Black Diamond, Bonney Lake, Bothell, Bremerton, Des Moines, DuPont, Duvall, Everett, Federal Way, Gig Harbor, Graham, Issaquah, Kenmore, Kent, Kirkland, Lacey, Lakewood, Lynnwood, Maple Valley, Marysville, Medina, Mercer Island, Mill Creek, Monroe, Mukilteo, Normandy Park, Olympia, Orting, Pacific, Port Orchard, Poulsbo, Puyallup, Redmond, Renton, Sammamish, SeaTac, Seattle, Shoreline, Silverdale, Snohomish, South Hill, Southworth, Spanaway, Steilacoom, Sumner, Tacoma, Tukwila, Tumwater, University Place, Woodinville, Yelm.

How Attic Insulation Works?

Factors That Influence Attic Insulation Installment Costs

Attic insulation costs depend on several factors. These include:
  • Type of attic insulation (ball and roll, blown-in, loose-fill, spray foam, and structural panels)
  • Insulation material (cellulose, fiberglass, Rockwool, reflective, closed-cell, and open-cell polyurethane foam) 
  • R-value of the attic insulation material.The Department of Energy has recommended R-values for specific climate zones, and your insulation has to be done accordingly.  
  • Requirement of specialized services (electrician, hazardous waste disposal, pest inspection, mold treatment, air sealing, and encapsulating). Not everyone needs these, but you should get a professional to inspect your attic and let you know if you should avail of any of these services. Adding new insulation to a dirty or unsafe environment is a recipe for disaster. 
  • Complexity of job and ease of access to the attic and surface area to be insulated. If the job is difficult, it’ll require more manpower and a longer time. Both of these factors increase the cost of your project.
  • Add-on services (removal of old insulation, vapor barrier installation, attic cleaning, etc.)

Tips to Avoid Extra Costs and Complete Your Attic Insulation Project Within a Suitable Budget

Maximize Savings and Minimize Expenses for Your Attic Insulation Upgrade
  • If the cost of removing the old attic insulation is high, consider adding a new layer on top of the old one (provided that the existing layer isn’t excessively damaged and moldy). It’ll allow you to reach the recommended R-value for your zone on a smaller budget.  
  • Mix and match different materials to reach your desired R-value while cutting down the overall cost. For example, suppose your climate zone requires attic insulation of a high R-value. In that case, you can combine a thin layer of foam insulation with a thick layer of attic insulation, such as fiberglass roll insulation. It will save you the cost of air sealing your attic, and you’ll reach your desired R-value as well. 
  • If you have the expertise to take care of some additional stuff, such as electrical wiring, removing old insulation, and adding a vapor barrier, then DIY that and call in the professionals for the rest of the installation process. 

GOOD TO KNOWType of Attic Insulation Materials and Their Costs

There are a few different types of attic insulation that you can install. The cost of your project will vary based on the type you decide to use. Here are their average prices:

Type of attic insulation 

Average cost per sq. ft.

Batt and Roll $0.85 – $2.70
Blown-in $0.95 – $2.50
Loose-fill $1.15 – $2.60
Spray Foam $1.15 – $4.70
Structural Panels $4.00 – $12.50
Reflective $0.50 – $2.20
  1. Cost of Batt and Roll Attic Insulation

    1. $0.85 – $2.70/ sq. ft
    2. $1,150 – $3,950 average cost of batt and roll insulation for 1,100 to 1,500 sq. ft. 
    3. When should you use batt and roll attic insulation? Use this insulation if your attic is super accessible and has few obstructions. You may need to use multiple layers of this to achieve the recommended R-value in Washington, depending on your material of choice. You can think of roll insulation as a big blanket that you can roll along your attic walls and floor (if need be). It’s DIY friendly, and you can cut it to the desired length, so it’s a great option for nearly all homes.   
  2. Cost of Blown-in Attic Insulation

    1. $0.95 – $2.50/ sq. ft
    2. $950 – $3,700 average cost of blown-in insulation for 1,100 to 1,500 sq. ft.
    3. When should you use blown-in attic insulation? If your attic has various small spaces or hard-to-access spots, then blown-in attic insulation is a great choice. It’s cheaper but offers excellent insulation and lasts for a long time (2-3 decades). Blown-in insulation is eco-friendly because it’s made of recycled materials. Plus, you can reuse it by moving it from one place to another. For example, if you plan to renovate the attic, you should select blown-in insulation.
  3. Cost of Loose-fill Attic Insulation

    1. $1.15 – $2.60/ sq. ft
    2. $1,200 – $3,900 average cost of loose-fill insulation for 1,100 to 1,500 sq. ft.
    3. When should you use loose-fill attic insulation? This insulation is suitable for compact attics with irregular spaces and existing insulation. It’s similar to blown-in insulation but costs more to install. These are made out of recycled materials and have small visible particles. It’s a great environmentally-friendly option. There are no seams in this insulation once it’s installed, so you can enjoy superior insulation compared to roll insulation. Installation of loose-fill insulation is easy and quick, so it’s cheaper to install as well. 
  4. Cost of Spray Foam Attic Insulation 

    1. $1.15 – $4.70/ sq. ft
    2. $1,250 – $9,200 average cost of spray foam insulation for 1,100 to 1,500 sq. ft.
    3. When should you use spray foam attic insulation? The open-cell spray foam attic insulation is ideal for filling in small gaps and crevices, so use this type if you have many of those. Closed-cell spray foam works well to insulate roof decks. It is also an air and vapor barrier because it’s much thicker (approximately 2’’) than open-cell foam. Spray foam insulation is excellent for regulating your home temperature and reducing your power bill. It requires expertise to install and is one of the more expensive options. 
  5. Cost of Structural Panels Attic Insulation 

    1. $4.00 – $12.50/ sq. ft
    2. $4,400 – $12,200+ average cost of structural panel insulation for 1,100 to 1,500 sq. ft.
    3. When should you use structural panels in attic insulation? Since these panels have insulation sandwiched between two pieces of plywood or oriented strand board (OSB), they can be difficult to bend to fit into existing spaces. Hence it’s best to use these while building your home or remodeling your attic floor and roof. This insulation offers benefits such as soundproofing and waterproofing on top of attic insulation, so you can use them while turning your attic into a living space. These panels are much more robust (can bear 10 pounds/ sq. ft.) than wood framing and have less shift once installed. You don’t need trusses in your framing when you use structural panels for insulation. Thus, you get more living space in your attic.  
  6. Cost of Reflective Attic Insulation 

    1. $0.50 – $2.20/ sq. ft. 
    2. $550 – $3,300+ average cost of reflective attic insulation for 1,100 to 1,500 sq. ft.
    3. When should you use reflective material for attic insulation? Reflective attic insulation is excellent for temperature control and is a green option. You should use it in unventilated cavity walls and pitched roofs. It’s better to use in warmer climate zones because it helps keep your home cool. A significant benefit of reflective attic insulation is that it doesn’t deteriorate like other insulations. You just have to keep it clean of dust. It’s easy to install, cheaper, unaffected by moisture, and non-toxic. All of these features make it an excellent option for nearly all buildings

Cost To Install Fiberglass batts insulation in attic

Here’s a chart that simplifies the costs you can expect for different sizes of attics if you install Fiberglass batts attic insulation. 

Attic Size (sq. ft.)  Average Cost of Attic Insulation Installation 
500  $1,250
700 $1,750
1000 $2,500
1200 $3,000
1500  $3,750
2000 $5,000

Disclaimer: The values in this chart are based on the calculator above with Fiberglass batts attic insulation & single/Multi-Family setup. 

About the materialsAttic Insulation Material Costs

Attic insulations are made of different materials. Each has a specific R-value and a unique method of installation. Generally, you’ll need the R-value between 30 and 60, as specified by the Department of Energy, for your climate zone. 

The overall cost of your project will change significantly depending on which material you choose, so you have to select wisely. Here are some of the options for attic insulation materials and their prices: 

Pro tip: Don’t just go for the cheapest option because it might not be suitable for your home and climate conditions and have less long-term durability. Find a balance between your budget and the quality of the materials. 

Average costs of Attic insulation materials/ sq. ft.


Cost/ sq. ft. 

Cellulose  $1.20 -$2.50
Fiberglass  $0.30 -$1.30
Structural insulated panels (SIPs) $4.00- $12.00
Rockwool / mineral wool $0.30 – $1.80
Open-cell spray polyurethane foam $0.30 ~ $0.50 per board foot
Closed-cell spray polyurethane foam $0.90 – $1.00 per board foot
Reflective insulation $0.30 – $0.80

Additional Costs of an Attic Insulation Installation and Removal Project

Average Cost of Air Sealing or Encapsulating the Attic 

It’s difficult to give an average cost of air sealing/ encapsulating an attic because the price can range from $350 – $3000+ per project. The cost depends on ductwork, surface area, penetrations, number of trusses, damaged spaces, and gaps. It’s best to get an in-person estimate from an attic insulation professional. Some professionals include air sealing in the quote for attic insulation, while others don’t. 

Average Cost of Adding Insulation on Top of Existing Attic Insulation 

Adding new insulation on top of the old one costs $1 to $4/ sq. ft., which is nearly the same per square foot as adding insulation for the first time. It may be cost-effective overall to keep the old layer because you can use thinner insulation or avoid installing more than one layer if there’s already some existing insulation. 

P.S.: Your new insulation doesn’t have to be the same type as your old one. 

Average Cost of Removing Existing Attic Insulation 

The price of removing old insulation is around $1-$2/ sq. ft. The overall price changes depending on the job’s complexity, location, presence of trusses, and tight spaces. You should always remove the existing insulation before installing a new one if the old one is damaged due to fire, water, moisture, pests, or mold. You might also have to install a new vapor barrier/ air barrier before installing the new insulation. 

Tips to Remember When Hiring Attic Insulation Professionals

Since attic insulation installation and removal are important, you need to hire the best in town to work on your home. Here’s how you find them.

Checklist while surveying for the most suitable attic insulation professional/ team:

Make sure to check off as many of these items as possible before signing the contract: 

  • Look at multiple options. Get 3+ quotes so you can compare the costs and determine the average budget for your project. 
  • Request an itemized list to know the exact cost of each material, equipment, and labor. That’ll help you make adjustments to your project plan, such as changing the insulation material, in case you have a smaller budget than the estimated cost. 
  • Check if the professionals are experienced attic insulation installers. Go with the most experience (5+ years is generally ideal) and the best reviews. You can find reviews on Google, Yelp, and Angie’s list.
  • Check if they are licensed, insured, and bonded. 
  • Request references from their previous clients, preferably those who had a similar attic insulation project done. 
  • Don’t compromise the quality of your project for a cheaper professional/ team. Find a balance between quality and price. 
  • Make sure you have everything in writing, such as the contact, estimated cost, timeline, and warranty, before you finalize anything. 
  • Set up a payment plan which allows you to pay a certain sum after the job is complete instead of paying it all upfront. 

Questions you should ask your attic insulation professional/ team: 

These questions will help you narrow down your list of potential attic insulation installation professionals and find the best match: 

  • Does the cost estimate include the price of all the equipment, materials, supplies, and labor that’s needed for my project?
  • Can you share before and after pictures of previous attic insulation jobs? 
  • What insulation should be best for my attic based on your experience and previous projects in my climate zone? Can you share the reasons for your recommendation?
  • How long will the attic insulation project take from start to finish? 
  • How long will the insulation last? Will I need multiple layers of it? 
  • Do I need add-on services such as air sealing, pest control, moisture control, and vapor barrier installation? Are these included in my quote? 
  • Do I have to pay upfront, or do you offer a payment plan? 
  • Is it safe for my family to be at home while you’re installing the insulation? 
  • Should I expect additional charges on top of what’s already in the quote? 
  • What’s covered in the warranty, and what is its/their duration(s)?
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